I’m not sure I have the required “BIM level” to submit an entry for this contest…

The main objective of the BIM contest is the apprehension of BIM methods. It is a pedagogic contest. Our aim is to show candidates the power and agility of BIM. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you see fit, using the form on this very page. You will be answered by a BIM-Expert architect, some of the questions and their answers will be published here. We will also add tutorials and case studies to the blog along the way. Methods and techniques you can learn from.

If you examine carefully our demands concerning BIM you’ll find that it is actually not that hard to bring yourself to the demanded BIM level.

What education level do I need in order to become a candidate of this contest?

The designer’s team leader must have at least a bachelor’s / undergraduate degree in architecture (3 years of study at least) a copy of his or her diploma will be demanded if your team reach the finals. The rest of the team could be of lower level of study or even not at all architects / architecture student.

Who can compete in this contest? 

This contest is  open to any architect of any nationality wishing to compete (three years of study at least).

I’m the leader of my design team, there are some members in my team who haven’t yet met all the requirements for an undergraduate degree or are in the process of obtaining it. I do have a validated bachelor’s degree or I will get it before the contest’s deadline. Can we participate?  


I don’t live in France and I won’t be able to visit the project’s site, can I still compete? 

Yes. Obviously, if you are able to physically visit the site you’ll probably have a certain advantage over those who don’t but we have provided enough materials to make it possible for you to win this contest even if you never set foot to the site.

I don’t have a BIM software, can I still compete?

Absolutely yes! It might be a little more work for you and your team members as the BIM data-base will not be automatically generated but it is absolutely possible to use a BIM method and by 100% compliant with our demands using any CAD software you chose and converting your model into an .IFC file that will be checked and verified by you before handing.

I don’t have a design team, can I go solo and compete on my own?

Yes. It might be quite hard and time consuming but it is not impossible.

Why is providing a BIM database is part of the demands when we already have a BIM model created?

Part of the force of BIM and a correct BIM method is the mastering of information. The creation of a BIM database that derives from the BIM model is essential for the building’s life cycle once it is constructed. We want to assure candidates of this contest understand this concept and are capable of generating such database out of a BIM model. The BIM database matrix was created by a leading French BIM-manager associated architect with over 12 years of experience in the domain. This matrix is very simplified in comparison to what would have been demanded for a real project.

The contest’s program is very detailed, is it strict or could I take some liberties with it? 

The program is voluntarily detailed in order to make it easier on inexperienced architects (the more a program is defined the easier it is to follow).

We are architectural technology students from VIA University College in Demnark, Horsens and would like to participate in this programme. Because our study programme is not architecture only, we would like to know if we are allowed to participate.
If you can work as an architect at the end of your studies and have at least 3 years of study, you can participate in the competition.

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