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Our Profession is public lighting.

Our goals are quality, safety, environmental protection, design, and customer satisfaction.

Diversified product lines and responsible production

Our number one specialty is anodized aluminum products.

Our products: functional poles, decorative poles, swaged poles, hinged poles, traffic light poles, light columns, LED lamps, columns and markers, decorative finishing accessories.

Odyssée Lumière Export distributes both aluminum and resin light poles and columns for public lighting.

Since May 2013 we have also been manufacturing a whole collection of lanterns, markers, and LED columns.

With measurements ranging from 90 to 225 mm in diameter and up to 16 m for aluminum, and 6 m for resin, the line covers all current needs for public and residential lighting.

Our production line includes everything from simple utilitarian, generally straight cylindrical-conic poles, but we also have decorative, swaged, cylindrical, or curved poles that will help emphasize your brand identity.

Lots of arm and cross models help customize your choice, just like anodized finishing for a natural appearance or color, by thermo-lacquering, or by spectro-coloration.

In addition to these selections, we can also create specific adaptations according to the needs and identity of our clients.