Reckli was founded in 1968 by Hans Jurgen Wiemers and Franz Ernst in Herne, Germany, in the Ruhr region. The company grew quickly and in 1975 it began exporting to the Middle East. The French subsidiary was created in 1978 under the name of Reckli France. The merger of Reckli France with its competitor SOCECO led to the creation in 1996 of SOCECO RECKLI located in Paris and directed since then by Dr. Bernd Trompeter. The group now numbers 53 representations the world over.

Reckli is the creator and leader in the area of concrete texturing thanks to supple casing matrices that give architects a creative tool and businesses a practical resource to work with.

Casing matrices are the best way and often the only way to easily and faithfully reproduce reliefs that range from the most sleek to the most complex. The variety of textures available (250 designs) lets us respond quickly and economically to most design aspirations, which may in fact equate to a customized design.


Reckli products are available for download here.