Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions of the 2019 BIM contest

Article 1 – Organizing company

The company Polantis SAS, a Joint-stock company (SAS – société par actions simplifiées) headquartered at 46, rue René Clair 75892 Paris Cedex 18, registered at the Pris RCS under the number 507 517 753 00038 – is the organizer of the BIM contest 2019.

Polantis is a world leader in the creation of CAD and BIM content for AEC manufacturers of construction and building materials and products.

The company is accompanying the BIM strategy of AEC manufacturers by modeling promoting and distributing high-end CAD and BIM components, objects and systems realized according to the strictest rules and by appointment of said AEC manufacturers.

The 2019 BIM contest was created to promote of this important BIM practice. The main aim is to allow contestants to acquire a solid BIM method and assist them in the learning process by adopting a real-world real-project method.

Article 2 – Participation rules

Accepted nationalities: All.

Any natural person attempting to register with different emails and / or details will result in the definite disqualification of said person and his / her team. Any potential gains obtained during or after the contest will be void.

Participation is strictly nominative and the participant can under no circumstances candidate for another person / a third party.

Only declared and registered participants or team members will be taken under consideration and mentioned as winners, finalists, participants etc.

Any imprecise, unreadable, incomplete or inaccurate indication of any sort of any feature of the candidate (for exemple: date of birth, obtained diploma etc) will immediately disqualify the candidate.

The organizing company reserves the right to perform verifications by any means it finds necessary of the identity and details of the candidates of this contest.

Any persons with any connection to Polantis, including clients, sponsors, or competition partners, will be ineligible to participate.

Article 3 – Deadlines

Official launch of the contest and subscription : 15th of April 2019
Subscription deadline: 30th of June 2019 – midnight.
Final project handout: 1st of September 2019 –  midnight.

Article 4 – general terms and judgment criteria

Candidates participating in this contest must accept the present terms of use and participation. Furthermore, they should strive to be present at the trophy ceremony held in Paris on September 20th 2019 if they are announced as finalists.

Finalists would be announced after the 2nd of September and before the 6th of September 2019 and the place where the ceremony is to be held would be announced at the same occasion. Travel and hotel expenses are solely on the candidates charge.

Candidates renounce in advance any claims regarding the organisation of this BIM contest by Polantis SAS.

A copy of the project created by the candidates must be sent to the organizers before the deadline announced in article 3 in order for the project to be considered. Polantis SAS has the right to use all project materials (written, drawn, filmed or other) sent by the candidates as it sees fit and so are its sponsors if Polantis choses to share said materials with them.

The only possible subscription to this contest is via the online subscription form available at bimcontest.com website no other websites or organisations are allowed to subscribe candidates to the contest. Subscription is possible only from the 15th of April 2019 until the 30th of June 2019 at midnight. Polantis SAS and its partners has the right to publish any or part of the data entered by subscribers to this contest upon subscription.

Candidates can consult and freely download the program for this contest from as of the 15th of April 2019.

Candidates can compete on their own or with a team but only the subscriber is the appointed team leader and only the team leader could contact and deal with the organizers of this contest.

Candidates subscribing to this contest receive a subscription number upon registration.

The person subscribing to the contest is designated as “The team leader” he is the designated person for receiving the prize(s)if he or she are selected by the jury. The team leader can then distribute the prize(s) as he sees fit amongst the team members.

Upon registration, if there are other team members apart from the team leader – they need to be added to the team members list. Only listed team members will be officially credited for the work rendered.

This contest is strictly anonymous and the jury judges the finalist’s projects with only the registration numbers visible.

Subscription fee is fixed at 48€ all taxes included per subscription. The fee is to be paid upon registration. Subscription fees could be changed at all times as a result of the number of candidates subscribed to the contest.

Information demanded upon registration is as follows: Prefix; first name; last name; E-mail address; Cellphone; Landline; Address; Student status (if applicable); professional status (if applicable); years of experience; name of the current workplace.

The 2019 BIM Competition asks applicants to reflect on the creation of a socio-cultural center  in the city of Evry-Courcouronnes. Applicants should design the digital model including one or more builidings that will be located within an existing cluster.
BIM objects of the industrial sponsors of the competition should be included in the digital model.

The work rendered by each team of candidates will be evaluated according to 5 criteria:

  • The respect for the program
  • The architectural quality and the controlled integration of the project in the site;
  • The BIM methodology that must be respected and proven;
  • The compliance with current thermal and environmental norms;
  • The integration of sponsor products into the digital model.

Article 5 – Prizes 

Laureate, 1st prize : 10,000 €
Laureate, 1st prize : 5,000 €
Laureate, 1st prize : 2,500 €

Prizes will be paid to the laureates by wire transfer. Only a physical person can win a prize.

Prizes cannot be attributed by any other forms other than the ones described in these rules. No exchange value will be attributed in cash against the won prize. The organizers have the right to exchange a prize by another prize of the same value and of similar characteristics if circumstances demand it (For exemple: currency) The organizers responsibility cannot be engaged in this case.

Article 6 – Designation of the finalists 

Architects employees of Polantis will designate the 10 finalists that will be presented to the grand Jury. The project selection will be held on the 20th of September at 29 Boulevard Raspail 75007 Paris.

Article 7 – Designation of the winners

Winners of the BIM contest will be designated from within the 10 finalist by a grand jury. Jury’s composition is as follows:

  • A representative of the City of Évry-Courcouronnes
  • A representative of the The Architects Order in France
  • Anis Naroura, architect and BIM Manager by Setec TPI
  • Arnaud Désirée, architect graduated by the Government
  • Kévin Bailly, second price winner of the BIM Competition 2017
  • A representative of Polantis

Pre-selection : from 2nd September and the 6th September 2019 via assessment of the BIM models.

Final deliberation: 20th of September at 29 Boulevard Raspail – 75007 Paris, France.

Designation of winners and trophy ceremony – 3rd of October at 18:30.

Article 8 – Handing of prizes

Winners will receive their prizes during the trophy ceremony on 3rd of October 2019. Prizes will be handed to the subscribed team leaders and them only. In case the winners will not be present at the ceremony, prizes will be sent to the postal address provided upon subscription to the contest. The organizers will not seek for the winners in case the address provided is wrong or other means of communication provided are erroneous. The organizers will not be held responsible if prizes duly sent to the address provided by the winner – do not reach their destination. Nor will the organizers be held responsible for address change occurred (and not reported), postal services malfunction or any case of force majeur. In which case, prizes will be withheld by the organizers indefinitely without any possible claim by any party.

Article 9 – Promotions 

By participating in this contest, participants authorize the organizing company to use and publish without any compensation or special rights – their name and decision of the jury and / or pre-selection committee for information, communication and promotions purposes linked to the BIM contest and thus from the moment the contest has reached its deadline. The publicity and promotion use could take any form and be used on any support or media.

Article 10 – Application of present rules

The organizers have the right to prolong, suspend, or simply cancel this contest for any reason they see fit, without it giving anyone any rights for any claims on the matter.

Participating in this contest implies participants fully accept the present rules and regulations in their entirety.

Article 11 – Privacy

Information given by the participants of the BIM contest could be used and treated digitally. Participants may demand not to figure or to be deleted from files at any moment, they have the right to consult, rectify and deletion of data concerning them by simple demand by official letter addressed to the organizer’s headquarters according to French laws. Specifically “loi Informatique et Liberté” of the 6th of January 1978, modified by law n°2004-801 from the 6th of August 2004 regarding the protection of natural persons concerning the use of data of personal character by decree N° 2005-1309 from the 20th of October 2005.

As a result, by application of the law from the 6th of January 1978, participants benefit from the right of opposition regarding their personal data by writing to the following address : Miss Manon Roger Société Polantis SAS 46, rue René Clair 75892 Paris Cedex 18.

Thus, participants can demand that information about them would be rectified, completed, updated or erased in case it is inexact, incomplete, equivoque or expired.

Nevertheless, Participants preventing the organizers from their rights of promotion as stipulated on article 9 by demanding the deletion / alteration of their data – could not effectively participate in this contest and their candidature would be promptly omitted.

Article 12 – Claims

Any contestation or claims concerning this contest will be taken under consideration only if sent before the 1st of November 2019 midnight (postal stamp used as proof of time)

Any contestation or claims should be addressed in a simple letter to the organizers of the contest whose contact details are as follows: Miss Manon Roger Société Polantis SAS 46, rue René Clair 75892 Paris Cedex 18. This letter should indicate the precise date of participation in the contest, full address and contact details and the motive of contestation. No other means of contestation of reclamation will be taken under consideration. The organizing company is the only sovereignty and is the only body to decide concerning any question of application or interpretation of the present terms and rules or the conduct in case of an absence of terms or rules on the matter contested.

Article 13 – Consultation of present terms and rules

The present terms and rules are deposited at the judicial officers – SCP ROCHET – BANCAUD – CARRIAT – 15 bis avenue Maréchal Foch – 77500 Chelles, France. The online version is consultable via bimcontest.com website.

The rules of operations could be sent for free to any person by simple written demand. Writing to Manon Roger Société Polantis SAS 46 rue René Clair 75892 Paris Cedex 18 France. Remboursement of the worth of a slow post stamp in France could be demanded as long as the applicant sends his full bank details.

Article 14 – responsibility

The organizing company will not be held responsible if in case of force majeure or any other event beyond the scope of its capacity or justified necessity – it will be forced to cancel this contest, to shorten its time, to prolong, report or modify its conditions.

The organizing company has the right to modify the period in which candidates can compete.

The organizing company declines any responsibility in case the website created for this contest will be unavailable for a period or the whole length of the contest or in case data and details communicated by the participants would be destroyed because of an event or cause beyond its power.

The organizing company declines any responsibility in case of an incident connected to the use of a computer, internet access, telephone line or any other technical incident before after or during connection to the contest’s website.

Participation in this contest implies that the participant recognize the limitations and characteristics of the Internet. Mainly concerning technical performances, delay of response for consultation, interrogate, transfer or validate informations, risks of interruptions and more generally, any risks inherent to any connection and transmissions over the Internet, the lack of protection of certain data against possible misappropriation and the risk of contamination by possible viruses or malware existing on the world wide web network.

The organizing company declines any responsibility in case of dysfunction of the internet network, especially in cases connected to external malice that could jeopardize the proper development of this contest.

The organizing company will also not be responsible if several participants will not be able to connect to the contest’s site or use in any way because of a technical malfunction of any sort and notably in case of traffic overload.

The organizing company could cancel all or part of the contest in case frauds of any sort were discovered. Notably in case of hacking and or intervention in the definition of the winners. In case of fraud or a fraudulent attempt of any sort or nature, the organizers may chose not to attribute a prize to the fraudsters and / or sue them in a court of law. In any case, the organizers will not be held responsible of any possible attempt of fraud in regards to other, non fraudulent candidates.