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Évry-Courcouronnes is a commune in the south suburbs of Paris, France.

The construction of the Pyramids is the result of a competition called “Promotion – Conception” launched in May 1971. Results have been delivered in July 1972 by the Prefect Doublet : Michel Andrault and Pierre Parat were the winners. The purpose of the competition was the design and construction of 7000 housing units and their accompanying equipment. The program stated that the main judgement criteria were the architectural quality and innovation. Equipment and particularly scholar equipment had to be present in the living condition of the neighborhood for the future 25 000 inhabitants.

First big housing district of the New City, the Pyramids neighborhood is the result of a reflection on the social, residential and functional diversity.

This is expressed by the great number of masterpieces scattered throughout the district that, at the time, testified to the will of elected officials to give the place a clean and innovative identity. This was also expressed by its typographical design: The Pyramids’ district has been built on a slab including underground parts spread all over its surface.

Since the 1970’s, the architectural complex went through different transformations, ranging from the changment of the original colors to the demolition of certain pyramids in the South-East.

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